BODEGA SUBMARINA DEL MEDITERRÁNEO was born with the aim of establishing synergies in the wine industry – so culturally rooted in Spain – and the Mediterranean Sea, in a dialogue where the sea intervenes in the ageing of wines through an exclusive process of evolution that transmits unique properties to them.


BODEGA SUBMARINA DEL MEDITERRANEO is an outsourced R&D project for traditional wineries which gives them the possibility to immerse themselves in the complex world of underwater wine, allowing them to age their wines on the seabed, exploring new avenues and providing them with new competitive advantages.


BODEGA SUBMARINA DEL MEDITERRÁNEO’S location in Alicante, about a mile and a half from Cabo de las Huertas, is no coincidence: this area is linked to the history of the Roman wineries of Condomina, recovering the tradition of these wines that are part of the Mediterranean culture.


Procedures for the licencing of underwater land. Permits and environmental studies.Maritime operations: inspections, placement and extraction of wine. Use of concrete underwater silos located at a depth of 23m underneath the water’s surface. Treatment of bottles, for their preservation on the seabed.Transport of products from our warehouses to the port area work premises. Promotion of your winery in the form of audio-visual material of the process. Collaboration in the R&D project.


At the same time, BODEGA SUBMARINA DEL MEDITERRANEO has developed, in collaboration with the University of Alicante, a project for the study and observation of the evolution of the wines on the seabed where comparative analyses are carried out using Gas Chromatography before and after the wine is submerged, to objectively contrast the evolution of the aromas and flavours that shape it.



The achievement of added value in a mature and highly competitive market, managing to multiply the sale price – and with it, the profit margin – compared to its land counterpart, transforming it into a high-end product aimed at the gourmet market. It also allows the exploration of countless future possibilities, from experimenting using marine ageing exclusively to research by modifying the constants (different depths to regulate pressure, locations in colder or warmer areas, exposure to different sea currents), to the creation of new types of wines, applications in the world of hospitality…



The silos submerged by BODEGA SUBMARINA DEL MEDITERRANEO serve an environmental function because, thanks to their studied design, they act as a reef for fauna and flora, increasing the marine biomass and allowing the regeneration of posidonia oceanica meadows.